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The “hey it’s been months, but hey” re-inaugural blog post

Today’s run was pretty hard. The humidity is not my friend and it seems like every week on hill day it’s at 97% just for spite. But just as I was about to give out – I actually sent my running partner on and said I needed a break (fully intending to walk back), I gave myself a stern pep-talk, shook it off, and ran it in, focusing only on form – not pace. Surprisingly that last mile ended up as my second-fastest of 4.

I’m feeling like I need more solid running and fitness goals. I’ve been doing a lot lately, and I’ve cut my times down some, which has been nice. But as someone who doesn’t really enjoy racing, I need to set some personal milestones so that I feel like I’m really working towards something. But it’s the deadest heat of summer, so I’m not very motivated in that regard.

Today, though, I found that there is a park near my house with a little jogging trail AND! a pool. So I’m going to go check that out first thing on Sunday, and maybe work some swimming into my routine for the rest of August. We’ll see how it goes.

Also, it’s my birthday month and I should think of some kind of running related goal for that.

hello again

I should get ebb&flow tattooed on myself, but it would redundant to anyone who knows me ;)

It’s been a while because sometimes I don’t know what to say, or I feel like what I have to say is banal that no one will care. But I miss writing some days, and I like my archives and think I should keep adding to them.

This weekend was as low-key as I wanted it to be. After spending parts of the last 2 weekend flying, and with some big changes on the horizon at work tomorrow, I was anxious to do a lot of nothing, and I excelled at it.

On Saturday morning I went for a long run – 10ish miles, which is the longest I’ve done since the half-marathon. I wasn’t sure I had it in me, but I managed to help myself by zigging when I should have zagged and ended up not where I thought I should be. But a nice couple pointed me in the right direction, and the mileage ended up perfect and it was a nice, if hot, day. And I got to see lots of doggies as I ran next to the Mighty Texas Dog Walk.

Then there was much laziness and watching of bad movies (Pet Cemetary II) and so-bad-its-good tv-shows (Knight Rider) and lots of smarties and laughing. And I downloaded and love “Ticket to Ride” for the iPad, so I played that while totally paying attention to the aforementioned shows.

Today, I slept in, then made these Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes and a no-bake lemon cheesecake for Easter, and we hung out before deciding it would be nice to head downtown to check out REI.

Now my night is winding down, and this post seems run-on and boring, but I’m hitting Publish anyways.

Catching up

It seems like the time between Thanksgiving and January 1 always blazes by, and this year was no exception. I coulda woulda shoulda sat down to write here a few times before Christmas, but I just never made it. In early Decemeber, I managed to flip-flop my PDR and my jeans size. 8 miles to 10 miles and size 10 to size 8. I pushed myself on that last run because I wanted the symmetry of the flip within the same week – heh.

Since then, though, we’ve been travelling and celebrating and living out of suitcases and not sleeping well and definitely not being active enough. I managed 1 walk and 2 short runs while at my parents’ house, but only a measly 20 min on a recumbent bike while at the in-laws. But we had an excellent time, and I have no regrets.

Through some miracle, I managed to maintain my weight, but I’m not so optimist about my endurance ;) There are only 7 weeks til the half-marathon, so it’s time to step up my game and get back into training. I’m excited to get back to into it, I’ve missed running, and more than that, I’ve missed the mood-happyizers I get from running.

Unplanned rest week

I took a slightly unexpected rest week. On Monday evening I had a toothache, and on Tuesday I went to dentist to find out I need an extraction, which is scheduled for this coming week. The whole thing really got me anxious and down – I’m too old and anxious for this crap. So I had a few days of pity party and didn’t do much of anything. I skipped my Wednesday run and didn’t do any strength training, but I did go walking most evenings.

I thought about skipping my run today, but I made myself get up and go. The weather was warmish, but overcast, but the run started out great because my husband ran the first 20 min with me, and then, instead of turning around at the short run turnback, I decided to just keep going around the loop, and was gifted with this lovely view – the picture doesn’t even do it justice.

The rest of the run was simply lovely. I let myself go pretty slow (not that I ever go any other way) but I really tried to find some zen and enjoy the views and the act of running.

I just have to keep that feeling with me through this week. It’s going to suck to have to have my tooth pulled, especially right before Thanksgiving, but I’m hoping it’ll be nice to have the extra time to nap and rest and eat soft delicious things like potato casserole and jello poke cake. Hopefully I’ll be feeling better and ready to run again by next Saturday – and get in some good training miles before Christmas!

Austin LiveStrong Half-Marathon

Last night, I finally bit the bullet and registered. Eep! Woo!

I’m much more nervous about the number of people and the big expo and all of those types of issues than I am about the actual run. But that said, I do have a fair amount of training ahead. But I feel excited, if a little nervous, and looking forward to having something to focus both through the holidays and once the holidays are past and it’s just dreary winter.

Slow and Shy

Yep, that’s pretty much me in a nutshell.

I’ve been thinking more about wanting to join some sort of running group, but the above adjectives are hindering me.

I think if I was less shy, I would worry less about being the slowest, or if could keep up with any average runner, I wouldn’t be so afraid to show up, but I feel like I need a giant disclaimer on my shirt.

Wrapping Up and Looking Forward

I keep thinking I’m going to post and keep getting distracted, oops! So let’s see what I can brain dump before the next shiny thing comes along.

Here’s my Oct wrapup and Nov look-ahead just a few days late.

Total Distance OctoberI broke 100 miles last month! Since I don’t swim or cycle, 100 miles is pretty impressive for me.  The red is walking, the orange is hiking.

Now that it’s getting cooler, I’m not sure how realistic it is that I’ll be able to repeat it, but it’s a fun goal and with my half-marathon training coming into play, we will see!

I survived Halloween with minimal candy. So I ate pizza twice in one week, the candy thing is still a pretty substantial win. Thanks to my husband for taking one for the team and eating all but 2 of the kit-kats, and saving me out 2 white ones and saying they were ghost kit-kats so they had no calories. hee!

Looking forward to November, I’m not too stressed out about holiday eating yet. We’re staying home and having a just us 2 Thanksgiving, and that should make it easier to stay on track. Also, 4 days off with no real plans, yes please! I’ll probably lose 3 lbs just from lack of stress :) I’m getting pretty close to my intermediate goal, and might take a break from actively trying to lose weight for a bit, but it’d be nice to lose another few months this month so that I’ll feel better about letting go a little in Dec when we are visiting both of our families. With two 12-hour car rides, 2 animals in tow, and more lack of routine than my brain wants to comprehend, I know it’s going to be a challenge!

A lovely Saturday

What a beautiful fall Saturday it has been.

I made it out for my 7 mile run this morning – I got to sleep in a little since it was forecast to be a cool day, so I didn’t have to beat the heat. I was actually a little worried about wearing my long sleeve shirt, but it worked out fine since I stayed in the shade most of the run.

Afterwards, I had my husband pick me up so I could avoid the evil hills that lead back to our place (they’re much funner to go down than up).  He needed to go to the Post Office, which is conveniently located next to a smoothie place, so I got a yummy post-run treat.

After lazing around, debating a nap, I made some Glazed Doughnut Muffins.  I think I had too high expectations (I wanted them to taste like a cake doughnut, maybe?), I liked them, but didn’t love them.

After baking, the nap actually happened – too bad the neighbors don’t know the fine art of shutting the door without 8000 lbs of force or speaking at non-rave decibels.  They were probably dropped on their heads as babies – yea, I’m sure it’s something like that.

Now we are celebrating Halloween weekend with horror movies and popcorn in the dark!

Double Down

On Sept 21, I ran my first 5k.  This morning, 3 weeks later,  I almost doubled that – finishing a 6 mile run – with a better pace split, though I slowed down a bit at the end (I tried out a new sports drink and we are not going to friends)

These past few long runs (check them out here) have really got me motivated and thinking I maybe CAN manage a half marathon.  A few of the training programs I’ve read have recommended you be able to run at least 6 miles at any pace, and now I’ve done that!

I think my biggest worry is that the half seems like such a ~big deal.  With my 5k being a smaller-town event, I might see if I can get into a 10K soon and see how that goes, then fully commit to half training.

Half Marathon Thoughts

I’ve been sort of kind of almost toying with the idea of training for a half-marathon.  There’s one in Austin in February that my coworker might be willing to do with me – and even though she’d be faster than me, it’d be cool to have someone to be excited with.

According to the training plans I’ve looked at, I should be upping my mileage steadily throughout the next few weeks.  Running 2 – 3 miles on my not long run days.  Today my kinda sorta plan said 3 miles, so that was my plan.  I didn’t run this morning because it’s so dark in the mornings :(  But then it was overcast all day, and I was like, hark, I can run before dinner and it will be awesome.   So I called my husband and told him plan (so he didn’t have dinner on the table), then even left work a bit early.  Of course, by the time I got home, it was no longer overcast at all really – it was hot and humid and generally gross out.

For a girl who lives in the south, I’m really having a hard time with running in the heat.  :(

I did ok for the first almost 2 miles.  It was a struggle, but not overly, and I felt like I was getting into it, until it was time to turn around.

Long story long, I didn’t make my 3 miles.  By the time I turned around at 1.8, it was uphill the rest of the way and by 2.1 my form was falling apart and the sun was beating down on me and mehh.  I was really disappointed in myself/my planning/the weather/life in general for not being able to finish.

I think if I’d run later in the day, or had actually gone this morning instead of hitting the snooze, I could have made it.  Had it started raining, I could have ran forever.

So I’m still thinking and considering a half-marathon, but I’m going to have dig really deep and work really hard to get to where I want and need to be.