Lazy Saturday

It was pouring this morning when we (me and my husband) woke up, so we declared it lazy Saturday. Usually we run despite the weather, but I run for fun and sanity and getting soaked didn’t seem like it would bring me either of those.

I lazed on the couch reading Women Who Run With The Wolves for a few hours – which I think I really needed. Then I decided I wanted to make pumpkin bread, but I needed applesauce, so it was a good excuse to get dressed and venture into the world.

After procuring applesauce and some honeycrisp apple juice (did you know that’s a thing? I didn’t, but now I do and I can’t quit) I made and we had pumpkin bread for brunch.

The weather was cool and overcast and I thought a little run around the neighborhood would shake the ants out of my pants.

Now we’re back on the couch watching mocking Leprechaun and seriously considering a ridiculous bed time.

I declare lazy Saturday a striking success!

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