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I didn’t come in last

So, yep.  That pretty much sums up my first 5k experience.  It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad.  I didn’t beat the time I wanted on the official clock, but I don’t feel too bad. I didn’t stop and walk and I didn’t come in last – I didn’t even come in last in my age group, so I call it a win!

It was, imo, a fairly poorly organized event.  At some point, they started the day off by moving the start line. And there ended up being a lot more people than I thought there would be – nearly 1000 by the official count, and lots more spectators milling about at the start line, so half of everyone didn’t even hear them play the national anthem and those of us towards the back didn’t notice until they were on the ‘… of the brave’.  I never heard the starting announcement, but I started running when those in front of me did.  There was a one-mile marker, which showed me at just over a 12 min mile.  Maybe the water station was the second mile, but there wasn’t a timer there, so I didn’t really have any idea of my pace after hitting the first mile.

Overall, it felt to me like a normal run day.  It was fun to watch some of the people with their strange gaits and get’er done routine.  One guy was pretty hunchbacked and walked like he was in a wind-tunnel, but he kicked my ass, so he gets nothing but props from me!  Lots of other older people kicked my ass too, but I’m used to that here in Austin ;)  I learned that I can’t drink water from a cup when running – it mostly went up my nose (just keeping it real) and that I am  incapable of throwing my cup on the ground (I would have officially beat my time had I not picked up my cup after I missed the first can).

So yea, it was an overall good learning experience and I feel like I have 2 training paths here.  I need to decide if I want to train for longer runs (I don’t stop hating the process of running until I’m into mile 3, then I’m kinda bummed that it’s time to stop), or if I want to train for speed (I wasn’t last, but I wasn’t mid-pack either).

Sorry, I have no witty ending for this post.


Lovely Labor Day

My legs have moved me nearly 7 miles today.  I put off my usual Saturday run until today because I was looking forward to the weather being cooler – and man was it worth the wait.  Usually I start my run around 6 and it’s about 78 or so, this morning I started at 8:15 and it was only about 75 with a nice wind.  2.88 miles in 37:57.  I kept a pretty steady pace and it felt great.

When I got home, we threw around the idea of walking up to a local restaurant for lunch, and finally decided to make it happen. The weather was absolutely beautiful and it was a nice walk through the park, watching kids and adults enjoy the weather and play with bubbles and kites and frisbees

We had a delicious lunch, then turned around and walked home, for a total of 4.5 miles over 90 minutes.  It was excellent!

Then we came home and napped off our excellent walk and lunch, which was even more excellent :)

I woke up to the news that I landed my first freelance gig,which I’m pretty excited about.

Overall, this weekend, and especially this day, was lovely!




First planned 5K race

I’m terrible at regular updates.

Last week (wait, I actually have to go back and read my last post). Oh yea, ok. So last week I was thinking about how I’m wrapping up the C25K and it’s been great and I actually kinda consider myself a runner now. So woo that.

But while I can run fairly consistently for 25 min, my 25 min runs were generally only about 1.9 miles, which is a far cry from a 5K, a whole 1/3 of the way away in fact (math skills, I has them!).

But since I am at the end of the program, I did want to register for a ‘real’ 5k, so I starting thinking about the when and wheres and decided to sign up for one at the end of Sept when I’m visiting my parents in FL. It’ll be nice because it’s a smaller town and I know my way around and I’ll have a guaranteed supportive audience. Truthfully, one word finally sold me on the idea, and that word was “flat”. The hills around here are my biggest struggles.

Once the idea was firmly planted in my brain, I knew I had to run 3 miles. So last Thursday I hit the treadmill and did it! My only real goal was to just finish without walking, in hopefully under 45 min. I finished in 41 and felt soooo great once I was done.

I still haven’t actually registered for the 5k, but I’m planning to do that by the end of the week. It’s nice to have an event to work towards, though I’m slightly worried about feeling aimless when I’m done.

But I’ll just keep tackling it one day at a time. For now, it’s time to get excited for my first race!

Weekend WrapUp

Friday was my birthday, so we started off the day with our usual walk, then I did an extra loop and sprinted the hill that I’ve grown to dread. We had a nice, romantic lunch and a nice long nap, and an overall lazy, but nice day.

On Saturday, I got up feeling ready to tackle the 25 min run for C25K. I’ve done the 20 min straight previously by running through/around an office building and out to the road, so I knew timewise I should be okay – but this time I took my normal, more hilly route. And somehow, pretty early on, it just got all ‘off’. I hit the hill and walked the very end, then picked up a running pace, and hit a red light, then my waist pack kept riding up and I never could get my groove back. Though I did run some after all that, it just felt hard and weird, so I turned back toward the house, knowing I’d be a few minutes short of the 25 min.

This morning I wanted to fix the issues I had with Saturday’s run, so I decided to hit the treadmill. The treadmill, I must say, is a completely different beast. I kept the pace pretty slow only picking it up a bit towards the end. Keeping a steady pace was pretty cool actually, since usually my runs are much more jagged. I managed the 25 min and felt really good at the end. I think with the ability to control my pace and the air-conditioning, I’m going to make one of my run days a treadmill day and see if that helps my overall endurance.

C25K W6 D2

C25K W6 D2
2.0 miles
23 minutes

The second half of my run was hard this morning, but thanks to my BFF who lives 8 quadzillion miles away, I made it through.

Even before I started, I gave myself permission to walk the evil hill as long as I at least attempted it. I got farther up it than I thought I would, but it’s still a little disheartening. And it’s not a huge hill, but it’s enough that I dread it every run. I dream of one day thinking nothing of it, so I’ll just keep at it.

Shortly after that, when I felt like just giving it up and walking the last bit – ADT by Fake Problems came on the mix my BFF made, and it was so awesome that I cried and I kept running.

Losing it

I keep meaning to post here more often, but we all know how that goes.

The July 4th long weekend was really nice – fairly quiet, a little introspective. It’s interesting how I’m still discovering myself and my motivations and who I really am.

With regards to my current weight-loss journey, I’ve been contemplating leaving WW for a bit now. Since they changed their plan, I haven’t really had much success, and have basically been plateaued since October. The fault (if there is any) surely lies somewhere between the new plan not working for me and me not digging in to figure out what wasn’t working and making it work.

But it’s time to move on. For the past few weeks I’ve been using the LoseIt tracker, and having more success than I have in the past 9 months (man that is depressing to write) with WW. LoseIt has most everything I want, which is mostly, tracking my intake, output and weight on both the desktop and iPhone. My only wish is that I could input/track my measurements, but hey, spreadsheets are free and easy too.

And it’ll save me $17/mo, which will just about cover the monthly fees and taxes on my said new iPhone. ;)

I’ve been trying to kick the work-outs up a notch – doing some jogging with my walks, doubling up my walks, adding in some p90x videos when it’s too hot to breath outside. Even if it doesn’t contribute to my weight loss (at this point it feels like nothing has/is/will), it contributes to my overall well-being and ass-kicking awesomeness.