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A lovely Saturday

What a beautiful fall Saturday it has been.

I made it out for my 7 mile run this morning – I got to sleep in a little since it was forecast to be a cool day, so I didn’t have to beat the heat. I was actually a little worried about wearing my long sleeve shirt, but it worked out fine since I stayed in the shade most of the run.

Afterwards, I had my husband pick me up so I could avoid the evil hills that lead back to our place (they’re much funner to go down than up).  He needed to go to the Post Office, which is conveniently located next to a smoothie place, so I got a yummy post-run treat.

After lazing around, debating a nap, I made some Glazed Doughnut Muffins.  I think I had too high expectations (I wanted them to taste like a cake doughnut, maybe?), I liked them, but didn’t love them.

After baking, the nap actually happened – too bad the neighbors don’t know the fine art of shutting the door without 8000 lbs of force or speaking at non-rave decibels.  They were probably dropped on their heads as babies – yea, I’m sure it’s something like that.

Now we are celebrating Halloween weekend with horror movies and popcorn in the dark!

Time flies

when you’re having fun. Or working your butt off.

Last week was so crazy busy, but I made it through and was able to end the week pretty strong and happy. In the midst I also got to see My Idiot Brother and hang with my coworkers a bit. Good times!

This weekend had been exceptionally low-key. ACL is going on, which makes out neighborhood busy and prevents us from wanting to go north/downtown. And let’s be honest, we we’re not generally motivated to go out normally. So we’ve hung out – drinking coffee, playing video games, and going for long walks. Pretty much the best weekend in a long time, and exactly what I needed.

On Wed morning, before the sunrises or the cock crows, I’ll be at the airport heading to visit my parents for a few days. And run my first 5K. And hopefully catch up with some good friends.

Later today, my husband is taking me go lunch, and afterwards I predict we will nap, then drink coffee, and sit on the balcony and judge people-watch more ACLers.

I’m going to miss him so fierce.

Words that make sentences, but never quite come together

It’s late (for me, not the rest of the world), so I’m blogging with my thumbs from bed.

The weekend has gone by so fast and all the words I mean to share flit off into the yonder.

I ran yesterday – my longest distance and best time and I think it’s mostly because I kept telling myself ‘Ryan would keep going’ ‘Ryan wouldn’t quit’. And if you had known that redheaded boy, you’d know how true it is. He was so hard-headed (stifles worst gallows humor joke) and such an unstoppable force. Which is why he died how he lived, doing everything everyone told him he couldn’t or shouldn’t.

My spirit isn’t, and can’t be, as big as his was. But it’s bigger for having known him and for having rode his motorcycle topless and for cutting class to go make out in his dorm.

I’m not that girl now and he’s gone. But damn if he doesn’t keep me going in new ways in this quieter, more complicated life.

I’d rather be running

Work’s been busy, which is great for passing the time, but not so great for updating my blog – heh.

Last week, my running was pretty steady. I wimped out on my Sat morning run (for the second time in a row). I think the heat difference and the crappier food I tend to eat on Friday night is partially to blame. But I redeemed myself on the treadmill on Sat evening and ran my fastest ever, 12:41 avg over 2.13 miles.

I’m nearing the end of C25K training, where every run day for the next 2 week is “run 25 – 30 min” and it’s not remotely feasible I’ll be running actual 5K in that timeframe. And that’s okay! But I want to start mixing it up a little. Maybe do some intervals once a week and run 3 miles once a week (no matter the time).

I’m also want to work on getting some more activities scheduled for my non-run days. Pushups and abs and arm exercises and otherwise awesoming my body :)

Today’s non-run activity was putting together Ikea furniture and moving stuff from room to room. The end result is worth it and it’s looking much nicer in here, but frankly my dears, I’d rather be running.

Beautiful TX sky


Went for an evening walk with my husband, and this was the halfway view.

Losing it

I keep meaning to post here more often, but we all know how that goes.

The July 4th long weekend was really nice – fairly quiet, a little introspective. It’s interesting how I’m still discovering myself and my motivations and who I really am.

With regards to my current weight-loss journey, I’ve been contemplating leaving WW for a bit now. Since they changed their plan, I haven’t really had much success, and have basically been plateaued since October. The fault (if there is any) surely lies somewhere between the new plan not working for me and me not digging in to figure out what wasn’t working and making it work.

But it’s time to move on. For the past few weeks I’ve been using the LoseIt tracker, and having more success than I have in the past 9 months (man that is depressing to write) with WW. LoseIt has most everything I want, which is mostly, tracking my intake, output and weight on both the desktop and iPhone. My only wish is that I could input/track my measurements, but hey, spreadsheets are free and easy too.

And it’ll save me $17/mo, which will just about cover the monthly fees and taxes on my said new iPhone. ;)

I’ve been trying to kick the work-outs up a notch – doing some jogging with my walks, doubling up my walks, adding in some p90x videos when it’s too hot to breath outside. Even if it doesn’t contribute to my weight loss (at this point it feels like nothing has/is/will), it contributes to my overall well-being and ass-kicking awesomeness.

More walking, more phone pics


I walked to work again this morning – hoping to make it a Friday routine.

Austin in beautiful!

Things I did this weekend

On Friday, as I mentioned, I walked to work.  I was so proud of myself I might have shed an actual tear.

On Saturday morning, Austin Rowing Club had a free learn to row day.  I was nervous and hesitant, but Y urged me to go (ok, so he practically kick me out the door).  But it ended up being really fun.  I haven’t fully talked myself into to taking the Intro course, but I might get there.  Regardless, it was great to mark a long-time item off my bucket list.

Then we went to the bigger, farther away Target.  Yes, this passes as a blog-able line-item in my life.  :P

Today, we took one of the bikes out and practiced our starting and stopping some more.  Nothing earth-shattering, but I think we feel comfortable enough now that we’re talking about getting one bike fixed up and perhaps buying another.

Then we came home and I read Apolo Ohno’s Zero Regrets, napped a bit, watched the rain, had yummy spaghetti with Y for dinner, and now I’m doing the typical Sunday-night bedtime procrastination.

Walked to Work


I’ve been wanting to walk to work for a while now, and this morning, I did it.  I’ve basically run out of time to type it up today, so I might say more later, or not.  But here are some pictures – that’s worth 3000 words, basically.  :)

Post Memorial Day Wrap

Being the asocialites that we are, my husband and I usually plan to avoid everything outside our apartment walls on holiday weekends.  But the timing worked out so that my mom and dad drove over from Florida for a 4-day visit.

Tons of people in Austin bike, so it’s attracted our interest and I asked dad for some advice about bikes.  He showed up with 2, one for each of us, along with helmets and tools and tire pumps.  I suppose there is some truth to the adage “it’s just like riding a bike,” except that adage says nothing about getting on and off a bike (the really tricky parts) after 20+ years.  ;)  We may end up getting new bikes, but these are excellent for trying biking out.

Mom brought me my old/her old sewing machine, and I’m excited to sew again.  We made a few trips to the craft store and scored some patterns for $0.99 each, and some nice fabric which I will most likely have fun destroying while attempting to make clothing.  heh.

In between the brief, but plenty stressful bike-riding lessons, we hit Ikea, Chuy’s REI, the thift store, Target, Sprouts, and Starbucks at various times, and ate our faces off basically everywhere we went.  Somehow I didn’t manage to gain too terribly, just the same 3 lbs I’ve been struggling with since last August.

But I’m now ready to kick it into high gear.  I’m excited that a few of my really good friends are doing WW and kicking it as well.  I’m going to make an inaugural walk to work on Friday (3 miles) and hopefully make it part of my routine to walk in a few times a week.  Or at least once a week.  hah.

My parents left early this morning, but I had already scheduled the day off, and I decided to take it and enjoy it.  This morning we went to the library to pick up some books I had on hold, then we ate the best burger in the world at Diner24. Then I napped, crocheted, took a walk, ate some leftovers, and now I’m watching Rome with the husband and feeling surprisingly zen about work tomorrow (3 day week has that affect).

All in all, excellent!