Catching up

It seems like the time between Thanksgiving and January 1 always blazes by, and this year was no exception. I coulda woulda shoulda sat down to write here a few times before Christmas, but I just never made it. In early Decemeber, I managed to flip-flop my PDR and my jeans size. 8 miles to 10 miles and size 10 to size 8. I pushed myself on that last run because I wanted the symmetry of the flip within the same week – heh.

Since then, though, we’ve been travelling and celebrating and living out of suitcases and not sleeping well and definitely not being active enough. I managed 1 walk and 2 short runs while at my parents’ house, but only a measly 20 min on a recumbent bike while at the in-laws. But we had an excellent time, and I have no regrets.

Through some miracle, I managed to maintain my weight, but I’m not so optimist about my endurance ;) There are only 7 weeks til the half-marathon, so it’s time to step up my game and get back into training. I’m excited to get back to into it, I’ve missed running, and more than that, I’ve missed the mood-happyizers I get from running.

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