Unplanned rest week

I took a slightly unexpected rest week. On Monday evening I had a toothache, and on Tuesday I went to dentist to find out I need an extraction, which is scheduled for this coming week. The whole thing really got me anxious and down – I’m too old and anxious for this crap. So I had a few days of pity party and didn’t do much of anything. I skipped my Wednesday run and didn’t do any strength training, but I did go walking most evenings.

I thought about skipping my run today, but I made myself get up and go. The weather was warmish, but overcast, but the run started out great because my husband ran the first 20 min with me, and then, instead of turning around at the short run turnback, I decided to just keep going around the loop, and was gifted with this lovely view – the picture doesn’t even do it justice.

The rest of the run was simply lovely. I let myself go pretty slow (not that I ever go any other way) but I really tried to find some zen and enjoy the views and the act of running.

I just have to keep that feeling with me through this week. It’s going to suck to have to have my tooth pulled, especially right before Thanksgiving, but I’m hoping it’ll be nice to have the extra time to nap and rest and eat soft delicious things like potato casserole and jello poke cake. Hopefully I’ll be feeling better and ready to run again by next Saturday – and get in some good training miles before Christmas!

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