This year I am so thankful for Thanksgiving itself. Actually I am thankful for about a zillion things — life, health, family, job, friends, pets, running, the internet, etc! But since this was my first whole year working with fairly limited PTO (my last job was differently structured, and I always had lots of theoretical time, even if I couldn’t take it) I’m pretty darn grateful to have a 4 day holiday :D

Since Christmas is going to be busy with travel and family, the husband and I decided to take it easy this Thanksgiving and just do our own quiet celebration. His 2 requests for dinner were potato casserole and jello poke cake, and I wanted pumpkin pie and stuffing. And we bought a whole little turkey breast – it was perfect sized. I enjoyed the cooking, and I enjoyed that he volunteered to, and practically strong-armed me into letting him, clean up the kitchen.

Everything was delicious and I somehow managed to lose weight – woot! I think the key was that I ate heartily all day, but decided to stop eating completely at 5pm. I ended up staying up too late and was pretty hungry at 10pm, but I shockingly did not die of starvation, and the downward nudge on the scale this morning was awesome! :)

I feel like the weeks between now and Christmas are going to be crazy, so I’m very much trying to enjoy these few days left of the long weekend. I hope that you’re getting to enjoy your days as well!

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  1. Lori says:

    Sounds like a nice quiet holiday! I was exhausted being around a lot of people :D

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