Wrapping Up and Looking Forward

I keep thinking I’m going to post and keep getting distracted, oops! So let’s see what I can brain dump before the next shiny thing comes along.

Here’s my Oct wrapup and Nov look-ahead just a few days late.

Total Distance OctoberI broke 100 miles last month! Since I don’t swim or cycle, 100 miles is pretty impressive for me. ┬áThe red is walking, the orange is hiking.

Now that it’s getting cooler, I’m not sure how realistic it is that I’ll be able to repeat it, but it’s a fun goal and with my half-marathon training coming into play, we will see!

I survived Halloween with minimal candy. So I ate pizza twice in one week, the candy thing is still a pretty substantial win. Thanks to my husband for taking one for the team and eating all but 2 of the kit-kats, and saving me out 2 white ones and saying they were ghost kit-kats so they had no calories. hee!

Looking forward to November, I’m not too stressed out about holiday eating yet. We’re staying home and having a just us 2 Thanksgiving, and that should make it easier to stay on track. Also, 4 days off with no real plans, yes please! I’ll probably lose 3 lbs just from lack of stress :) I’m getting pretty close to my intermediate goal, and might take a break from actively trying to lose weight for a bit, but it’d be nice to lose another few months this month so that I’ll feel better about letting go a little in Dec when we are visiting both of our families. With two 12-hour car rides, 2 animals in tow, and more lack of routine than my brain wants to comprehend, I know it’s going to be a challenge!

2 Comments on "Wrapping Up and Looking Forward"

  1. Candi says:

    100 miles is awesome! I don’t run any distance, but at MOST I could walk 80 a month walking, and that’s 6 days a week. Which I can do in the summer but not now. I miss being outside already. :-(

    • zalary says:

      Yea, I suspect my mileage is going to go way down as it gets colder. I’d like to get the bike set up inside in a way that it doesn’t hurt and suck. Or force my ass down to the little workout room.

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