Austin LiveStrong Half-Marathon

Last night, I finally bit the bullet and registered. Eep! Woo!

I’m much more nervous about the number of people and the big expo and all of those types of issues than I am about the actual run. But that said, I do have a fair amount of training ahead. But I feel excited, if a little nervous, and looking forward to having something to focus both through the holidays and once the holidays are past and it’s just dreary winter.

3 Comments on "Austin LiveStrong Half-Marathon"

  1. YAY!!!!! I’m so happy for you! This is awesome! Can’t wait to follow your journey there. :-D

  2. Just found your blog… LOVE your layout. Anyway, this signing up for races thing is nervewracking. I’ve only run ONE 5k and was nervous when I hit “register.” GOOD LUCK with your training!

    • zalary says:

      thanks so much for the nice words! I hope having a goal for after the holidays will keep me motivated and on track – hee!

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