Half Marathon Thoughts

I’ve been sort of kind of almost toying with the idea of training for a half-marathon.  There’s one in Austin in February that my coworker might be willing to do with me – and even though she’d be faster than me, it’d be cool to have someone to be excited with.

According to the training plans I’ve looked at, I should be upping my mileage steadily throughout the next few weeks.  Running 2 – 3 miles on my not long run days.  Today my kinda sorta plan said 3 miles, so that was my plan.  I didn’t run this morning because it’s so dark in the mornings :(  But then it was overcast all day, and I was like, hark, I can run before dinner and it will be awesome.   So I called my husband and told him plan (so he didn’t have dinner on the table), then even left work a bit early.  Of course, by the time I got home, it was no longer overcast at all really – it was hot and humid and generally gross out.

For a girl who lives in the south, I’m really having a hard time with running in the heat.  :(

I did ok for the first almost 2 miles.  It was a struggle, but not overly, and I felt like I was getting into it, until it was time to turn around.

Long story long, I didn’t make my 3 miles.  By the time I turned around at 1.8, it was uphill the rest of the way and by 2.1 my form was falling apart and the sun was beating down on me and mehh.  I was really disappointed in myself/my planning/the weather/life in general for not being able to finish.

I think if I’d run later in the day, or had actually gone this morning instead of hitting the snooze, I could have made it.  Had it started raining, I could have ran forever.

So I’m still thinking and considering a half-marathon, but I’m going to have dig really deep and work really hard to get to where I want and need to be.


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  1. Sheryl says:

    Just wanted to encourage you, I live in Singapore where its hot and humid all year round so I know how it feels with the sun beating down your back.

    We all have our “bad days” :) there are days where i get dressed to run , get to the park and change my mind and walk back home.

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