Double Down

On Sept 21, I ran my first 5k.  This morning, 3 weeks later,  I almost doubled that – finishing a 6 mile run – with a better pace split, though I slowed down a bit at the end (I tried out a new sports drink and we are not going to friends)

These past few long runs (check them out here) have really got me motivated and thinking I maybe CAN manage a half marathon.  A few of the training programs I’ve read have recommended you be able to run at least 6 miles at any pace, and now I’ve done that!

I think my biggest worry is that the half seems like such a ~big deal.  With my 5k being a smaller-town event, I might see if I can get into a 10K soon and see how that goes, then fully commit to half training.

6 Comments on "Double Down"

  1. Candi says:

    Wow, that is impressive. I’m so proud of you! You’re so far ahead of me on that journey! But you know what I’m going to be doing as soon as I hit goal, do running isn’t a practical thing for me right now. I’d get all good at it then have to give it up again!

    • zalary says:

      Life is all such a strange journey – never thought I’d be running. But totally girl, you might as well kick my ass on the cycling, and you can keep that up in the future! We’re going to rock it the way we rock it!

  2. Melanie says:

    You amaze me with every new milestone you hit. You’re my hero. I wish wish wish I had what it takes to do what you’re doing but instead I’ll just be extremely proud of you!

  3. Christy says:

    Great job on the run! You had some awesome improvement!

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