Time flies

when you’re having fun. Or working your butt off.

Last week was so crazy busy, but I made it through and was able to end the week pretty strong and happy. In the midst I also got to see My Idiot Brother and hang with my coworkers a bit. Good times!

This weekend had been exceptionally low-key. ACL is going on, which makes out neighborhood busy and prevents us from wanting to go north/downtown. And let’s be honest, we we’re not generally motivated to go out normally. So we’ve hung out – drinking coffee, playing video games, and going for long walks. Pretty much the best weekend in a long time, and exactly what I needed.

On Wed morning, before the sunrises or the cock crows, I’ll be at the airport heading to visit my parents for a few days. And run my first 5K. And hopefully catch up with some good friends.

Later today, my husband is taking me go lunch, and afterwards I predict we will nap, then drink coffee, and sit on the balcony and judge people-watch more ACLers.

I’m going to miss him so fierce.

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