I didn’t come in last

So, yep.  That pretty much sums up my first 5k experience.  It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad.  I didn’t beat the time I wanted on the official clock, but I don’t feel too bad. I didn’t stop and walk and I didn’t come in last – I didn’t even come in last in my age group, so I call it a win!

It was, imo, a fairly poorly organized event.  At some point, they started the day off by moving the start line. And there ended up being a lot more people than I thought there would be – nearly 1000 by the official count, and lots more spectators milling about at the start line, so half of everyone didn’t even hear them play the national anthem and those of us towards the back didn’t notice until they were on the ‘… of the brave’.  I never heard the starting announcement, but I started running when those in front of me did.  There was a one-mile marker, which showed me at just over a 12 min mile.  Maybe the water station was the second mile, but there wasn’t a timer there, so I didn’t really have any idea of my pace after hitting the first mile.

Overall, it felt to me like a normal run day.  It was fun to watch some of the people with their strange gaits and get’er done routine.  One guy was pretty hunchbacked and walked like he was in a wind-tunnel, but he kicked my ass, so he gets nothing but props from me!  Lots of other older people kicked my ass too, but I’m used to that here in Austin ;)  I learned that I can’t drink water from a cup when running – it mostly went up my nose (just keeping it real) and that I am  incapable of throwing my cup on the ground (I would have officially beat my time had I not picked up my cup after I missed the first can).

So yea, it was an overall good learning experience and I feel like I have 2 training paths here.  I need to decide if I want to train for longer runs (I don’t stop hating the process of running until I’m into mile 3, then I’m kinda bummed that it’s time to stop), or if I want to train for speed (I wasn’t last, but I wasn’t mid-pack either).

Sorry, I have no witty ending for this post.


2 Comments on "I didn’t come in last"

  1. Cori says:

    yay zal!

    i am so proud of you! i’ve yet to feel like i am at the point where i could comfortably do a 5k. thanks for the inspiration, lady! :)

  2. Lisa says:

    But it was your first one! That’s okay! You totally did it and you crossed the finish line. No one has a good first race.

    My first 5k was the same…I had the flu for about 2 weeks before and I still felt sick and exhausted. I barely made it across the finish line. But I was happy I did it! :)

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