I’d rather be running

Work’s been busy, which is great for passing the time, but not so great for updating my blog – heh.

Last week, my running was pretty steady. I wimped out on my Sat morning run (for the second time in a row). I think the heat difference and the crappier food I tend to eat on Friday night is partially to blame. But I redeemed myself on the treadmill on Sat evening and ran my fastest ever, 12:41 avg over 2.13 miles.

I’m nearing the end of C25K training, where every run day for the next 2 week is “run 25 – 30 min” and it’s not remotely feasible I’ll be running actual 5K in that timeframe. And that’s okay! But I want to start mixing it up a little. Maybe do some intervals once a week and run 3 miles once a week (no matter the time).

I’m also want to work on getting some more activities scheduled for my non-run days. Pushups and abs and arm exercises and otherwise awesoming my body :)

Today’s non-run activity was putting together Ikea furniture and moving stuff from room to room. The end result is worth it and it’s looking much nicer in here, but frankly my dears, I’d rather be running.

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