Losing it

I keep meaning to post here more often, but we all know how that goes.

The July 4th long weekend was really nice – fairly quiet, a little introspective. It’s interesting how I’m still discovering myself and my motivations and who I really am.

With regards to my current weight-loss journey, I’ve been contemplating leaving WW for a bit now. Since they changed their plan, I haven’t really had much success, and have basically been plateaued since October. The fault (if there is any) surely lies somewhere between the new plan not working for me and me not digging in to figure out what wasn’t working and making it work.

But it’s time to move on. For the past few weeks I’ve been using the LoseIt tracker, and having more success than I have in the past 9 months (man that is depressing to write) with WW. LoseIt has most everything I want, which is mostly, tracking my intake, output and weight on both the desktop and iPhone. My only wish is that I could input/track my measurements, but hey, spreadsheets are free and easy too.

And it’ll save me $17/mo, which will just about cover the monthly fees and taxes on my said new iPhone. ;)

I’ve been trying to kick the work-outs up a notch – doing some jogging with my walks, doubling up my walks, adding in some p90x videos when it’s too hot to breath outside. Even if it doesn’t contribute to my weight loss (at this point it feels like nothing has/is/will), it contributes to my overall well-being and ass-kicking awesomeness.

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