8 Easy Ways to Improve Any Day

I’ve worked typical jobs, non-typical jobs, been a stay-at-home wife and have had the displeasure of being flat unemployed.  No matter how you dice it, every now and then you have a day that gets you down.   Want out of the funk, here’s a pick-me-up for every hour of the standard workday:

1.  Wake up nicer.  I recently downloaded and adore the Progressive Alarm app for my iPod.  It really does make a difference in how I feel in the mornings.

2. Green Tea.  One of my favorites is Celestial Seasonings Goji Berry Pomegranate.  It’s flavorful enough to not need any sweetener.

3.  Music.  Everyone has their favorite, but try to pick something that resonates with the mood you want to be in – not the mood you’re already in.

4. Make a List.   For me, just getting all those thoughts out of my brain and into an organized format helps.

5. Smile or Laugh.  Here, I’ll help you out by sharing my most favorite joke.

What’s brown and sticky?
a stick!     (hint: highlight the grey box to read the punch line)

Haha, I really did just chuckle out loud.

6.  Imagine what you would rather be doing. Plan to do it.  Down to the date, time, and place.

7. Think of something worse than what you are doing.  Don’t go too crazy here, but I’d rather be coding some really tricky jquery than scrubbing baseboards or flipping burgers.

8. Embrace what you are doing.  As Elanor Roosevelt said “My experience has been that work* is almost the best way to pull oneself out of the depths.” (Where, in my opinion, work can equal whatever is that needs to be done.)

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